Spiritual Basic Code

It’s like Visual basic and your brain is the program.. If you really dig deep into the program you can see the code. All your third eye does is lets you view the code. You see that everything is mathematical so mathematically it can leave a man insane. It’s an over load and this happens when one part of the brain is working overtime and the other part is working at low capacity. Because of this interruption your able to see things as they really are.. It’s all code like html and you only see a website but behind the web site is Math. Your mind protects you from seeing the code because it’s too intense. Take the metaphysically ill person who excels at art. He/she excels because they can see what you can’t. When people fast for spiritual reasons they are able to view the code. When people fast it weakens curtain chemicals in the blood and intensifies hormones such as Estrogen and progesterone so the person is able to see things as they are amplified as a spiritual awakening. The Code is the blue print to the mechanics of reality. It makes me feel like when they see entities that it’s not a hallucination or dilution but a bled into alternate reality. Could one argue if this metaphysically ill person sees too much that the real crazy one is the one who thinks their crazy for seeing entities or color? He’s crazy for seeing truth. His paranoia is real as he looks at a situation through a magnified glass. You can’t understand why he thinks you’ve insulted him but you have. This person can see every detail of your conversation and remember it in brilliant detail for 20 years. He sees different because a piece of him has bled in an alternate land that he’s not compatible with. He notices everyone looking at him at the super market and picks up on the frequencies of the customers walking down the aisle. He senses your nervous emotions just by walking by you. A trip to New York City will give him a supernatural hang over due to his empathetic passages and yet this man is crazy because he thinks higher than the normal person. But there’s the compatibility issue which comes to play. You can’t be in two worlds at once it’s just not meant. Each reality has its own laws of quantum physics. This metaphysically ill person is following two laws in one body. He somehow has wandered over and bled into the next realm, there for he not only has to obey the laws of physics in his origin but also he has to obey the laws of physics in another plane which has completely different law of physics. He’s being pulled back and forth over and over and over.

              It’s exhausting….

Essay By Nicholas Robert Grossmann

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