Living, Breathing And Eating Paranormal

Living Breathing And Eating Paranormal With “The Third Self”

            “Would one exist without any senses at all? Besides instinct would one exist? If all senses were to be shut down and instinct would only be there then there would be silence and if zero is infinite then silence is nothing so silence can be a key to God (or Higher Power) and the swami meditating in complete silence and nothing finds that higher state of conciseness threw nothing but breathing and breathing is instinct so is silence a key to God and higher being? And if zero is God and the most valued number then silence also has a value. Instinct is life as in heart beating and blood flow. If our senses got shut off there would be just the soul. Silence is a tool to God. Blindness is a tool to God and touch. If we went blind we would still see the chakra. So organic Vision is just a portion and the third eye is the crystal vision. The third eye is of the soul. You can see anything with this eye. Colors that don’t exist in the physical plane exist on the astral and can be viewed with this third eye. You can see energy with this sight. It is a gateway to the spirit world. When you enter a state of higher consciousness the third eye is an extension of your imagination. The third eye is higher self. When you unlock this you may never go back. The memory becomes a sensitive state as well as intuitive. You may hear a ringing and that is not coming from your ears but it is around you and everyone. The difference is you have the sensitivity to experience theta waves. It feels as if your materialized ears hear this but they don’t. You experience your own… The higher the frequency the higher the pitch and tone and if this is so can this be an extension of hearing? Can we have a third ear? No one else can hear but the intuitive sensitive one so can there be a third ear? I must warn thee of not being able to turn this third eye and apparent third ear off. When you access you will view life on a detailed scale. Everything will be amplified. Everything will be hypersensitive. So would it also say for healing purposes that there is a third hand? The third hand is a tool for healing. Viewing white flame and looking inside the wound repairing it from the sight of your third eye to the hand and tip of your fingers.  Channeling energy to flow from the third eye to the third hand. Is it fair for me to say? My argument is that there is not just a third eye but an extra hand and ear then the term higher self would make sense. Higher self/Higher Being…higher consciousness I will call ” The Third Self” with  these extra extensions. We are galactic beings of  the third self. One part physical, one part psychological and one part astral make’s the third self… 

Essay by Nicholas Robert Grossmann

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