We Are Cells


                We will never be destroyed as Humanoids. Even if we fail we will still be a part of The Universe.. People can say someday The Earth will be destroyed do to natural catastrophe but it actually won’t… Everything will exist in the Universe including you and me forever… Based on the growth of a civilization. It can be infinite for the fact that we are born and when one dies the physical is sent back into earth and it helps grow resources to make humanity itself infinite. This is more proof of humanity as being one. Imagine cells in your body.. Now individualize each cell and picture your body as the cells universe.  Your body mind and soul is an actual mini universe and it is forever recycled and forever a part of The Earth as well as forever a part of The Universe. Your body is a Universe filled with life and living organisms just like the actual Earth filled with humans, animals and plants… We are the Cells! We are the organisms and we form the Universe.. Even the slightest movement of breath we take makes a huge impact in the universe. The slightest thing you do changes history forever… We are all responsible for Black Holes, super nova’s ext. We push gravity with our physical and mental energy because we are the Universe. Can we be the cells of God or the universe? Please don’t misunderstand and take this next comment as religious. I respect everyone’s spiritual beliefs but let’s take Jesus for example. There is text in The Bible how God molded us in his image. Is this how we are connected to God? Because we are a part of God. As a matter of fact in most spiritual belief and texts there are similar stories of creation. Using this cell theory and growth and expansion is fair to say the universe is infinite and we are a part of it all as one making us infinite… We are cells…We are cells of something greater…

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